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At Vickles Creative Hub, we are more than just a service provider – we’re the architects of your creative narrative. Explore a world where videography, lifestyle coaching, photography, and digital marketing converge to craft compelling stories and elevate your brand.

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Victoria Furrer-Mensah

Meet the Visionary Behind VCH

At the heart of Vickles Creative Hub is Victoria Furrer-Mensah, a visionary dedicated to the craft of storytelling. With a background in videography, lifestyle coaching, photography, and digital marketing, Victoria Furrer-Mensah brings a unique blend of skills to the table, ensuring that every narrative is crafted with passion and purpose.

Crafting Stories, Elevating Moments.




Relying on this team for this job was one the best decisions I made. They came on time, they were truly professional throughout the production to execution. And guess what? They blew my mind with the timing of execution. Excellently done 👏👏. I was quite surprised and impressed at the same time. Will definitely us this team again. Xx


CEO, Chic Kitchen

Execution is keen for Vickles Creative Hub. They are best at what they do and deliver the best. In a time and space where productivity is promoted, the hub is topnotch. Contact them and they will not disappoint you. Make them your clients and they will deliver. Its a hub with execution and swiftness as a hobby. Try them and you’ll marvel at their execution.

Rev. Fr. Michael Selasi Combey

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Briana Luke
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